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Art JiaChen

Framing and Care


  • We can assist buyers in obtaining custom framing services from a third party upon request. The cost of framing is the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us by email to request custom framing:
  • However, we strongly recommend that all buyers consider framing their artwork on their own for the following reasons:
    1. Cost: Framing service in New York City can be expensive and the cost is non-refundable. It may be more cost-effective to seek out a framer in your area.
    2. Shipping: Framed artwork is heavy and can significantly increase the shipping cost.
    3. Time: Framing can take a significant amount of time. It may be more efficient for buyers to have the artwork shipped to them and then find a local framer to complete the job.
    4. Personalization: Framing is a personal choice, and the buyer may have a specific vision for how they would like their artwork displayed. By framing on their own, the buyer has the opportunity to personalize the artwork to their liking.


    • It’s best to install artworks away from sources of extreme heat, humidity and direct sunlight. Store artworks in a dry, dark environment.